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Whether you are purchasing your first house or settling into retirement, a home inspection is a beneficial investment, as it ensures you do not encounter any surprise repairs or replacement costs after you purchase your home. Since 2014, Morris Home Inspections has provided high quality home inspection services throughout Georgetown, SC and surrounding communities, including: Conway, Little River, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, Myrtle Beach, and North Myrtle Beach.

Our company is proud to serve clients throughout Georgetown, North Myrtle Beach, Conway, Little River, Longs, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, Myrtle Beach, and other communities throughout Horry, Charleston and Georgetown Counties.

For more information about our services, to request an estimate, or to schedule your inspection, please contact us in Myrtle Beach at 843-796-3109 or in Georgetown at 843-344-0147 today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our inspection and testing services include:

Home Inspections

A home inspection can play an important role in the home buying or building process. Our home inspection services are competitively priced and will help you gain a better understanding of what condition your potential home is in. Our goal is to provide you with an unbiased, independent, visual inspection that evaluates a variety of factors that can turn into costly repairs down the line. The inspection is of the interior and exterior of the house from the foundation to roof. After the inspection, we will go through the findings with you. You will receive a comprehensive report for your records, which can help you make a more informed decision about purchasing your new home.

Pre-Offer / Pre-Closing Inspections

This type of inspection is booked prior to closing on either a new or existing house. Often referred to a general home inspection, the inspection evaluates hundreds of components and factors in a home. Once the inspection is complete, we provide our customer with a comprehensive written report which outlines the current condition of the home, as well as any safety concerns. This report can help guide your decision whether or not to buy the house, as well as prepare for future maintenance costs.

Warranty Inspections

If you have built a brand new home, most builders will provide you with a 12-month Builder’s Warranty. To address an issues before your warranty expires, you can order a home inspection. The resulting report gives you a list of issues to address with your builder, and can give you a peace of mind regardless of if your home needs repairs or not.

Pre-Listing Inspections

If you are putting your house on the market, conducting a pre-listing inspection can help you gain an idea of what maintenance your home requires. This can also add a level of transparency to the process, as the major systems in the house have already been inspected by an independent home inspector. This may help reduce the amount of time you and your prospective buyer spend negotiating prices for your house, which can help maximize your profit.

Foreclosure Inspections

If you are considering buying a foreclosed home, you should hire an independent home inspector to examine and review the property before you purchase the home. The process for inspecting a foreclosed home is no different than a general home inspection. However, it is especially important to have the house inspected, as it can reveal structural defects, degraded conditions, and give you an idea of the types of repairs you will have to perform upon purchasing the property.

Mold Testing

To ensure the safety of you and your family in your new home, it is recommended you have mold testing conducted as part of the property assessment. During this process, we inspect your home for visible signs of mold and take indoor and outdoor air samples. While visual inspections are important, an air quality test is a much better indicator of mold growth. Once the air quality test is sent to the lab and we receive the results, we will explain the findings. If your home has mold present, we will make recommendations for remediation.

Lead Based Paint Testing

If you are looking to buy an older house, we can perform a lead paint inspection and determine if your home contains this hazardous substance. Lead-based paint was used in many older homes and is often found in dust, soil, or the paint instead. If your home has lead paint, we will determine how hazardous it is to you or your children’s health, and make recommendations for lead abatement.

Asbestos Testing

Like lead paint, asbestos is a material that was widely used in the past due to its effectiveness and low cost to manufacture. It is widely banned today due to resulting health concerns such as mesothelioma and lung cancer. If you are looking to buy, sell, or renovate a home that was built before 1980, and suspect asbestos was used in its construction, we can test for the presence of asbestos, without the risk of releasing fibers into the air. After collecting samples, we will have it tested as a certified laboratory, and if asbestos is present, we can make recommendations for asbestos abatement. The Morris Home Inspection team carries a commercial asbestos license and is also commercially asbestos certified.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Our indoor air quality testing involves a comprehensive check for a range of pollutants. This includes: radon, mold, carbon monoxide, common allergens, particles from furnaces and also wood-burning fireplaces. Our indoor air quality tests can help us get to the root of the problem, so you can improve the air quality of your home and ensure you and your family are breathing healthier air.

Four Point Insurance Inspections

A Four Point Insurance Inspection focuses on four main areas of a home: the HVAC system, electrical wiring and paneling, plumbing fixtures and connections, and the roof. If these four components are not in good working order in a home, an insurance company may be reluctant to ensure the structure. This is especially true for home older than 25 years old. Conducting a Four Point Inspection through Morris Home Inspection can help you identify areas where your home needs repair and can help you obtain the homeowners insurance you deserve. Identifying potential liabilities can help your insurance company properly appraise your home.

New Construction Phase Inspections

Our construction phase inspections are conducted for property owners to ensure the home building process is going according to schedule and smoothly. Our inspectors have years of experience in residential construction and home improvement. We will work with you to guide you through the construction process. These inspections typically are performed right before the concrete foundation for a home is poured, during the home framing process, and then toward the tail end of the construction process. This ensures all systems and components are installed correctly, from beginning to end.

Water Quality Testing

This type of inspection gives you or your home seller important information about the quality of drinking water in your home. It involves a sampling of drinking water and will determine if the water is safe to drink.


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We are proud to offer home inspection services across Horry, Charleston and Georgetown Counties in South Carolina. The communities we serve include: Conway, Georgetown, Little River, Longs, Murrells Inlet, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, and Pawleys Island, SC

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